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Champagne host from highendtasting Embark on a captivating artistic journey through Champagne, where you'll not only appreciate the quality of the renowned sparkling wine but also unlock the secrets of its production process. Immerse yourself in the distinct flavors that Champagne offers, indulging in a smart consumption experience that allows you to connect socially and support smaller producers.

Our team, alongside talented artists, exquisite locations, and top-notch food providers, crafts extraordinary moments. Join us to explore our experiences firsthand. Hope to see you soon!

The ticket purchase conditions for our public events:

  • Must be 18 years or above to attend our events.
  • Events that take place are generally held in areas protected from inclement weather.
  • Event Refunds: There are no refunds or exchanges for our tastings. However, tickets are transferable to others - the purchaser may give them to someone else who is 18 or over.
  • Attendees should arrive in time to follow the complete tasting.

We need to know the following information in order to set up a tasting at your private location:

  • The number of people that attend.
  • The date of the event, plus the starting and end time. *We like to arrive at least one hour in advance.
  • The location's address. *We can also propose a location if needed.
  • If we need to bring champagne glasses yes/no. *We prefer to use three different styles of champagne glasses during the tasting (flûte,cuvée prestige, and coupé glasses).
  • If we need to provide cutlery yes/no.
  • If we need to provide matching food yes/no. *If not we like to advise on the food pairing.
  • If you want the the Bossa Nova music.

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Accepted payments:   High-End Tasting payments that we accept for using our champagne services.