Champagne host from highendtasting I'm Marijn Kampers, and I appreciate that some people have referred to me as the "champagne artist." In 2022 I started Highendtasting.com, as I am very passionate about wine and especially champagne. This passion took off in 2020. Since that year, I regularly visit the Champagne region to select the best-undiscovered champagnes from small champagne houses. But it was already back in 2012, when a father's friend who was living nearby Epernay, introduced me to surprisingly good champagne from a small house. That experience, along with the feeling it produced, I'll never forget. With High-End Tasting, I want to create a similar effect on our customers.

The best part of my job is hosting events and providing the best champagnes in a warm and welcoming environment for my guests. What attracts me about champagne, is not just the taste and celebration behind it. It's also the geological and technical aspect of wine production in general. This might be explained by my technical background and Bachelor in digital engineering. I'm also pretty much serious and detail oriented when it goes to food and wine pairing.

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Unleash Your Champagne Journey:

Organizing our events and trips provides several benefits and experiences that attract people:

Appreciation for quality: High-end tasting events and trips offer an opportunity to showcase and appreciate the finest champagnes and sparkling wines. These events allow participants to sample exceptional products and develop a deeper understanding of their unique flavors, aromas, and characteristics.

Education and understanding: Many people may not fully comprehend why champagne is considered superior or how it acquired its prestigious reputation. Our tasting events provide educational experiences that explain the qualities that make champagne exceptional, such as the production methods, aging processes, and terroir.

Social connections: Tastings bring people together, fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities to meet new people who share a common interest. Local events can serve as a platform for building relationships, particularly for individuals returning from living abroad or for companies looking to enhance team-building efforts.

Brand building and market expansion: High-end tasting events contribute to the reputation and visibility of champagne brands. By organizing these events with passion and continuously improving them, organizers can strengthen their brand presence. Additionally, introducing high-end champagne labels to the market expands the product offering and allows for new opportunities to attract customers.

Promotion of smart consumption: High-end tasting events can promote a culture of smart consumption, encouraging participants to appreciate and savor high-quality champagne responsibly. By providing a new perspective on consumption, these events can help participants develop a greater understanding and appreciation for wines, fostering a more mindful approach to consumption.

Support for smaller champagne houses: By focusing on champagnes from smaller, independent producers, our events contribute to the diversity and preservation of regional identities. These events provide exposure and support to winemakers who prioritize sustainable practices, terroir expression, and craftsmanship, ensuring the longevity of their traditions and contributing to the fight against climate change.

Pricing and quality perception: High-end tasting events can challenge the notion that quality is directly correlated with price. By featuring exceptional champagnes from smaller houses at more attractive price points, participants can discover hidden gems and appreciate that quality is not solely determined by the reputation of larger brands.

In summary, our tasting events and trips offer unique experiences, education, social connections, and support for smaller producers. They contribute to brand building, market expansion, and the promotion of responsible and mindful consumption.

How does a tasting look like?

Let's explain the concept with one of our most successful products the standard tasting. It is an experience, during which we offer our guests:

  • different styles of champagne;
  • matching food pairing;
  • journey into the winemaking tradition and tips;
  • live Jazz/Bossa Nova (optional);
  • unique location (optional).

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