Discover the allure of a High-End Tasting. From offices to private homes, our exclusive events create unforgettable moments. Delight in the finest bubbles, tailored for both business and personal occasions. Book your champagne experience today.

Unique Selling Points

Local Champagne Selection: We select champagnes from small producers that help preserve and protect the flavors of the local region. This ensures excellent value for money and is environmentally conscious.

Custom Events: Whether it's a private tasting, a luxury training session for restaurant staff, or a corporate event, we provide bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.

Exclusive Locations: Our events take place at unique and stylish venues, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Educational Sessions: Learn more about champagne production, history, and varieties through our informative and engaging presentations.

Multidisciplinary Experience: Enhance your event with our live Bossanova band for a captivating musical experience.

What We Offer

High-End Champagne Tastings:

  • Standard: Classic selections with historical insights and fascinating details
  • Advanced: Rare cuvées and in-depth explorations of Champagne terroirs.
  • Bio: Organic and biodynamic champagnes. (still in progress)

Teambuilding: Strengthen team bonds with a unique champagne experience.

Training Restaurant Staff: For luxury restaurants looking to train their staff in the art of champagne service.

Bossanova Band: Add a musical touch to your event.

Long Champagne Weekends: Explore vineyards and historic cellars, with enjoyable stays and dining.

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Accepted payments:   High-End Tasting payments that we accept for using our champagne services.